G652D Optical Fiber

G652D optical fiber is ideally designed for use in metropolitan, local and access networks. The G652D fiber cable has a mode field diameter of 10.1 μm. The mode field diameter is the width of an optical fiber within which the signal travels. Further, Owcable G652D Fiber Optic is a rigid optical fiber with a limited bend resistance.

G652D non-dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fiber adopts advanced rod making and wire drawing technology to reduce the water peak loss of 1383nm, and the working wavelength is extended to E-band(1360nm-1460nm), realizing full-band transmission of O, E, S, C and L(1260nm-1625nm). At the same time, it has stable and superior polarization mode dispersion coefficient, which can meet the long distance and high speed transmission.


G652D non-dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fiber adopts UV curing technology and uses double-layer bending loss-insensitive acrylic resin coating layer, which has a good protective effect on the fiber cladding and can meet the application of different occasions. G.652D optical fiber adopts advanced coating curing technology to provide superior dynamic fatigue resistance and increase the service life of the optical fiber.

The G652D optical fiber we provided has the following characteristics:
1) Achieve O, E, S, C, L(1260nm-1625nm) full-band transmission, increase the transmission bandwidth.
2) Flexible selection of various coatings to meet the needs of different application occasions.
3) Small polarization mode dispersion coefficient, suitable for high-speed transmission.
4) Superior dynamic fatigue resistance, suitable for use in different environments.



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