Galvanized Steel Wire For Armoring


Galvanized Steel Wire For Armoring

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    Product Introduction

    The galvanized steel wire for armoring is made of high-quality carbon steel wire rods through a series of processes such as heat treatment, shelling, washing, pickling, washing, solvent treatment, drying, hot-dip galvanizing, and post-treatment, etc.
    Under the condition of high strength of the steel wire, the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel wire for armoring is greatly improved by the process of surface galvanizing. Armoring by steel wire is one of the commonly used types in armored cables, which can increase the axial tensile strength of the cable, prevent mouse bites, and resist external low-frequency interference. It can protect the cable, extend the service life and improve the transmission performance of the cable.


    The galvanized steel wire for armoring we provide has the following characteristics:
    1) The surface is smooth and clean, free of defects such as cracks, slubs, thorns, corrosion, bends and scars, etc.
    2) The zinc layer is uniform, continuous, bright and does not fall off.
    3) The appearance is round with stable size, high tensile strength.
    It can meet the requirements of BS EN10257-1, BS EN10244-2, GB/T3082 and other standards.

    Technical Parameters

    Nominal diameter (mm) Tensile strength(N/mm2 Min. breaking elongation(%)gauge length (250mm) Torsion test Min. weight of zinc layer (g/m2)
    Times / 360° Gauge length (mm)
    0.80 340~500 7.5 ≥30 75 145
    0.90 7.5 ≥24 75 155
    1.25 10 ≥22 75 180
    1.60 10 ≥37 150 195
    2.00 10 ≥30 150 215
    2.50 10 ≥24 150 245
    3.15 10 ≥19 150 255
    4.00 10 ≥15 150 275
    Note: More specifications, please contact our sales staff.

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