LSZH Compounds


LSZH Compounds

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    Product Introduction

    LSZH compounds is made by mixing, plasticizing, and pelletizing polyolefin as the base material with the addition of inorganic flame retardants, antioxidants, lubricants, and other additives. LSZH compounds exhibits excellent mechanical properties and flame retardant performance, along with outstanding processing characteristics. It is widely used as sheathing material in power cables, communication cables, control cables, optical cables, and more.

    Processing Indicator

    LSZH compounds exhibits good processability, and it can be processed using standard PVC or PE screws. However, to achieve the best extrusion results, it is recommended to use screws with a compression ratio of 1:1.5. Typically, we recommend the following processing conditions:

    - Extruder Length to Diameter Ratio (L/D): 20-25

    - Screen Pack (Mesh): 30-60

    Temperature setting

    Zone one Zone two Zone three Zone four Zone five
    125℃ 135℃ 150℃ 165℃ 150℃
    The above temperature is for reference only, the specific temperature control should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific equipment.

    LSZH Compounds can be extruded with either an extrusion head or a squeeze tube head.

    Technical Parameters

    No. Item Unit Standard Data
    1 Density g/cm³ 1.53
    2 Tensile strength MPa 12.6
    3 Elongation at break % 163
    4 Brittle Temperature With Low Temperature Impact -40
    5 20℃ Volume Resistivity Ω·m 2.0×1010
    6 smoke density
    Flame-free mode —— 220
    Flame Mode —— 41
    7 Oxygen index % 33
    8 Thermal aging performance:100℃*240h tensile strength MPa 11.8
    Maximum change in tensile strength % -6.3
    Elongation at break % 146
    Maximum change in elongation at break % -9.9
    9 Thermal deformation(90℃,4h,1kg) % 11
    10 Fiber optic cable smoke density % transmittance≥50
    11 Shore A Hardness —— 92
    12 Vertical Flame Testing for Single Cable —— FV-0 Level
    13 Heat shrinkage test(85℃,2h,500mm) % 4
    14 pH of gases released by combustion —— 5.5
    15 Halogenated hydrogen gas content mg/g 1.5
    16 Conductivity of gas released from combustion μS/mm 7.5
    17 Resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking,F0 (Number of failures/experiments) (h)
    18 UV resistance test 300h Rate of change of elongation at break % -12.1
    Rate of change of tensile strength % -9.8
    720h Rate of change of elongation at break % -14.6
    Rate of change of tensile strength % -13.7
    Appearance: uniform color, no impurities. Assessment: qualified. Conforms to ROHS directive requirements. Note: The above typical values are random sampling data.

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