90℃ Soft Lead-free Insulation Compound


90℃ Soft Lead-free Insulation Compound

90℃ Soft Lead-free Insulation Compound: Advanced PVC Resin Infused with Superior Performance. Unleash Outstanding Mechanical, Electrical, and Processing Qualities in Every Insulation Layer. RoHS Compliant Solution for 450/750V and Below Heat-Resistant Flexible Cables.

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  • HS Code: 3901909000
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  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    OW-(W)JR-90 is granular compounds which is manufactured through mixing, plasticizing and pelletizing processes. It regards advanced PVC resin as the basic raw materials, and add plasticizer, stabilizer and other accessory ingredients. It has good mechanical and physical property, electrical property and excellent processing performance. It meets RoHS Standard.

    It is usually used for the insulation layer of 450/750V and below heat resistant flexible cables.

    Processing Indicator

    Recommend to use single-screw extruders with L/D=20-25.

    Model Machine Barrel Temperature Molding Temperature
    OW-(W)JR-90 150-175℃ 170-190℃

    Technical Parameters

    No. Item Unit Technical Requirements
    1 Tensile Strength MPa ≥16.0
    2 Elongation at Break % ≥180
    3 Thermal Deformation % ≤40
    4 Brittle Temperature With Low Temperature Impact -20
    5 200℃ Thermal Stability min ≥180
    6 20℃ Volume Resistivity Ω·m ≥1.0×10¹¹
    7 Dielectric Strength MV/m ≥20
    8 70℃ Volume Resistivity Ω·m ≥5.0×10⁸
    9 Thermal Aging \ 135±2℃×240h
    10 Dielectric Tensile Strength After Aging MPa ≥16.0
    11 Tensile Strength Variation % ±20
    12 Elongation After Aging % ≥180
    13 Elongation Variation % ±20
    14 Mass Losses(100℃×168h) g/m² ≤20
    Note: More specifications, please contact our sales staff.

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