Ceramic Silicon Rubber


Ceramic Silicon Rubber

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    Product Introduction

    Ceramic silicon rubber is a new composite material that can vitrify at high temperatures. At temperatures between 500-1000°C, silicon rubber rapidly transforms into a hard, intact shell, ensuring that electrical wires and cables remain undamaged in case of a fire. It provides robust protection for electrical and communication systems to remain operational.

    Ceramic silicon rubber can replace mica tape as the fire-resistant layer in fire-resistant cables. This is especially applicable to medium and low voltage fire-resistant electrical wires and cables, as it can serve not only as a fire-resistant layer but also as an insulating layer.


    1. Formation of Self-Supporting Ceramic Body in Flame

    2. Has a certain level of strength and good resistance to thermal impact.

    3. Halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity, self-extinguishing, environmentally friendly.

    4. Good electrical performance.

    5. It has excellent extrusion and compression molding performance.

    Technical Parameters

    Item Unit OW-CSR-1 OW-CSR-2
    Color —— Gray-white Gray-white
    Density g/cm³ 1.44±0.02 1.44±0.02
    Hardness (Shore A) —— 70±5 70±5
    Tensile strength≥ MPa 6 7
    Elongation Rate≥ % 200 240
    Tear strength≥ KN/m 15 22
    Volume resistivity Ω·cm 1×1014 1×1015
    Breakdown strength KV/mm 20 22
    Dielectric constant —— 3.3 3.3
    Dielectric Loss Angle —— 2×10-3 2×10-3
    Arc resistance sec —— ≥350 ≥350
    Arc resistance class —— 1A3.5 1A3.5
    Oxygen Index —— 25 27
    Smoke toxicity —— ZA1 ZA1
    1. Vulcanization conditions: 170°C, 5 minutes, double 25 sulfur agent, added at 1.2%, testing pieces are molded.
    2. Different vulcanizing agents result in different production conditions, leading to variations in the data.
    3. The physical property data listed above is for reference only. If you require an inspection report for the goods, please request it from the sales office.

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