Carbon Black


Carbon Black

Carbon Black not only plays a role in dyeing, but also a kind of light shielding agent, which can absorb ultraviolet light, thereby improving the UV resistance performance of the material.

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  • PORT OF LOADING: Shanghai, China
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  • PACKAGING: 10kg/20kg kraft paper bag
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    Product Introduction

    As an economical means, a small amount of carbon black is generally added to the cable insulation layer and sheath layer. Carbon black not only plays a role in dyeing, but also a kind of light shielding agent, which can absorb ultraviolet light, thereby improving the UV resistance performance of the material. Too little carbon black will result in insufficient UV resistance of the material, and too much carbon black will sacrifice physical and mechanical properties. Therefore, the carbon black content is a very important material parameter of the cable material.


    1) Surface smoothness
    In order to avoid electrical breakdown when the electric field is enhanced, the surface smoothness depends on the dispersion of carbon black and the amount of impurities

    2) Anti-aging
    The use of antioxidants can prevent thermal aging, and different carbon blacks have different aging properties.

    3) Peelability
    Peelability relates to a correct peeling force. When the insulating shielding layer is removed, there are no black spots in the insulation. These two characteristics largely depend on the selection of suitable.

    Technical Parameters

    Model Liodine absorption value DBP value Compressed DBP Total surface area Outer surface area DB adsorption specific surface area Tinting intensity Add or subtract calories Ash 500µ sieve 45µ sieve Pour density 300% fixed stretch
    LT339 90士6 120土7 93-105 85-97 82-94 86-98 103-119 ≤2. 0 0.7 10 1000 345士40 1.0士1.5
    LT772 30士5 65士5 54-64 27-37 25-35 27-39 * ≤1.5 0.7 10 1000 520士40 ‘-4.6士1.5


    1) The product shall be kept in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse.
    2) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain.
    3) The product should be packed completely to avoid moisture and pollution.



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