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4 Containers of Fiber Optic Cable Materials were Delivered to Pakistan

4 Containers of Fiber Optic Cable Materials were Delivered to Pakistan

4 Containers of Fiber Optic Cable Materials were Delivered to Pakistan

Post time: 06-09-2022

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We are pleased to share that we just delivered 4 containers of optic fiber cable materials to our customer from Pakistan, the materials include the fiber jelly, flooding compound, FRP, binder yarn, water swellable tape, water blocking yarn, copolymer coated steel tape, galvanized steel wire rope and so on.

They are a new customer for us, before they cooperate with us, they bought materilas from different supplier,because they always need varius materials,as a result, they spent a lot of time and efforts for inquires and purchasing from several suppliers, it is also very troublesome to organize transportation in the end.

But we are different from other supplier.

We have three factories:
The first is focused on tapes, including water blocking tapes, mica tapes, polyester tapes, etc.
The second is mainly engaged in the production of copolymer coated aluminum tapes, aluminum foil mylar tape, copper foil mylar tape, etc.
The third one is mainly produce optical fiber cable materials, including polyester binding yarn, FRP, etc. We also have invested in optical fiber, aramid yarn plants to enlarge our supply scope, which can also give customers more convince to get all materials from us with lower cost and efforts.

We have enough ability to supply most of all materials for the customer’s whle produciton and we help customer to save time and money.

In April, the covid is spreading in China, this causes most of factories including us paused the production, in order to deliver the materials to the customer on time, after the covid disappeared, we speeded up the production and book the vessel in advance,spent the shortest time to loading containers and sent the containers to Shanghai port, with the help our our shipping agent, we shipped all 4 contianers in one vessel, our efforts and efforts is great praised and recongized by the customer, they would like to place more orders from us in the near future and we will always put our best effors to support the customer.

Here share some pictures of the materials and container loading.



Plastic Coated Steel Tape Fiber Jelly

If you are looking for a supplier who can supply most of materials for fiber optic cable, communication cable or power cable, we believe we are the best one.