Aluminum Tape


Aluminum Tape

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    Product Introduction

    The aluminum tape/aluminum alloy tape is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coils, hot-rolled aluminum coils, rolled into different thicknesses and widths by a cold rolling machine, and processed by annealing or other heat treatment methods, or without heat treatment, and finally longitudinally processed by the shearing machine and slited longitudinally into metal strips of different widths.
    The aluminum tape /aluminum alloy tape is one of the important raw materials used in cables with high electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and good processing performance. It is suitable for wrapping, longitudinal wrapping, argon arc welding, embossing and other processes. It is mainly used for metal shielding layer, bimetallic tape armoring layer, interlocking armoring layer and corrugated aluminum sheathing layer of power cables and aluminum alloy core extruded insulated power cables. It plays the role of shielding against electric field interference, armoring with radial pressure, and waterproofing and carrying short-circuit current. The use of aluminum tape /aluminum alloy tape as the cable armor layer and metal sheath layer also has the advantage of reducing the weight of the cable.


    The aluminum tape/aluminum alloy tape has the following characteristics:
    1) The surface of the product is smooth and clean, without defects such as curling, cracks, peeling, burrs, etc.
    2) It has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and is suitable for processing methods such as wrapping, longitudinal wrapping, and argon arc welding embossing.

    Technical Parameters

    Properties Unit Aluminum tape 1060 (AL:99.6%)H24
    Technique Data / Typical Value
    Al tape thickness mm 0.5±0.02
    Width mm 30±0.10;40±0.10;50±0.10
    Tensile strength Mpa 105-140
    Elongation % 7-15
    Resistivity Ohm 2.82*10-8-2.84*10-8
    ID mm 300(-2+0)
    OD mm 800(-5+0)
    Color / Natural
    Note: More specifications, please contact our sales staff.

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