Semi-conductive Filler Rope


Semi-conductive Filler Rope

Semi-conductive Filler Rope is suitable for cable core filling of power cables. Find detail technical parameters including diameter, tensile strength, breaking elongation, etc.

  • production Capacity: 7000t/y
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.
  • Delivery Time: 15-20 days
  • Container Loading: 20GP:(small size 5.5t)(bige size 5t) / 40GP:(small size 12t)(bige size 14t)
  • Shipping: By Sea
  • Port of Loading: Shanghai, China
  • HS Code: 3926909090
  • Storage: 6 Months
  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    The semi-conductive filler rope is a semi-conductive filling material used in cables which is made by uniformly distributing semi-conductive compound on polyester fiber non-woven fabric, and then twisted. The semi-conductive filling rope has the characteristics of semi-conductivity. Heat resistance and chemical stability, no acid and alkali, no corrosion, high tensile strength and low moisture content.

    The semi-conductive filler rope is widely used for cable core filling of power cables. In the process of cable production, in order to make the cable core round, improve the appearance quality of the cable and increase the tensile resistance of the cable, the semi-conductive filling rope is one of the most commonly used filling materials to fill the gap of the cable core.
    In addition to the filling function, the semi-conductive filling rope can effectively weaken the electric field strength and reduce the problem of tip discharge during the operation of the cable due to its semi-conductive characteristics.


    The semi-conductive filler rope we provide has the following characteristics:
    1) Soft texture, free bending, light bending, no delamination powder;
    2) Uniform twist and stable outside diameter;
    3) Small volume resistivity can effectively weaken the electric field strength;
    4) Unloose winding.


    It is suitable for cable core filling of power cables.

    Technical Parameters

    Model Nominal diameter (mm) Volume electrical resistivity (Ω·cm) Tensile strength (N/20cm) Breaking elongation (%) Water ratio (%)
    BS-20 2 ≤3×105 ≥60 ≥15 ≤9
    BS-25 2.5 ≤3×105 ≥60 ≥15 ≤9
    BS-30 3 ≤3×105 ≥60 ≥15 ≤9
    BS-40 4 ≤3×105 ≥60 ≥15 ≤9
    BS-50 5 ≤3×105 ≥60 ≥15 ≤9
    Note: In addition to the specifications in the table, we can also provide other specifications of semi-conductive filler rope according to customers’ needs.


    Semi-conductive filler rope has two packaging methods according to its specifications.
    1) Small size (88cm*55cm*25cm): The product is wrapped in a moisture-proof film bag and put into a woven bag.
    2) Large size (46cm*46cm*53cm): The product is wrapped in a moisture-proof film bag and then packed in a waterproof polyester non-woven bag.


    1) The product shall be kept in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse. It shall not be piled up with inflammable goods and shall not be near the fire source;
    2) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain;
    3) The packaging of the product shall be complete to avoid contamination;
    4) Products shall be protected from heavy weight, falls and other external mechanical damage during storage and transportation.



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