Майларовая лента из алюминиевой фольги

ONE WORLD got the Aluminum Foil Mylar Tape order from one of our Algerian customers. This is a customer who we has worked with for many years. They trust our company and products very much. We are also very grateful and will never betray their trust.

Aluminum Foil Mylar Tape

Майларовая лента из алюминиевой фольги

Regarding this aluminum foil Mylar tape order, this is the second time the customer has placed an order for this product. For this order, the customer has a special requirement, that is, the inner diameter of the product should be 32mm. As we all know, the conventional inner diameter should be 52mm or 76mm. In this case, we need to re-open the mold to customize the inner diameter. However, we have always adhered to and tried our best to meet customer requirements. After a series of negotiations, we finally reached this requirements.

Aluminum Foil Mylar Tape cert

At present, the products are in production, and the original expected delivery date is early March 2022, but in order to support the needs of our customers, we have accelerated the production process and will eventually ship at the end of February. When shipping, we will continue to share the news with you.

Aluminum Foil Mylar Tape size

What we can do is to provide the most affordable products, the most thoughtful service, do our best to meet customer requirements, and make customers 100% satisfied.

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