Titanium Dioxide For General Purpose


Titanium Dioxide For General Purpose

Titanium Dioxide For General Purpose with better resistance for weather, heat and light, used for plastics articles like PVC pipeline, coating, papermaking, ink, master batch, etc.

  • PAYMENT TERMS : T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.
  • PORT OF LOADING: Shanghai, China
  • SHIPPING: By Sea
  • PACKAGING: 10kg/20kg kraft paper bag
  • Product Detail

    Titanium Dioxide Application

    This titanium dioxide of general-purpose is one of the main products of our company. This product is wet-milled by imported sand mill, with good particle size distribution; The surface is treated with a dense inorganic coating of silica and alumina, which has superior pigment performance.
    It is used for plastics articles like PVC pipeline, coating, papermaking, ink, master batch, etc.

    Main Features

    1) Good whiteness and gloss;
    2) Excellent color reduction and hiding power;
    3) Better resistance for weather, heat and light;
    4) Broad application.

    Quality Standard

    Quality Standard: Q/320116 NJTB 003- 2014 (Modified IS0591-1:2000)

    Technical Parameters

    Item Requirement value Typical value
    TiO2 content (wt%) ≥92.0 ≥94.4
    Volatile content at 105℃ (wt%) ≤0.5 ≤0.4
    Water soluble (wt%) ≤0.3 ≤0.1
    Residue on sieve of 45 µm (wt%) ≤0.05 ≤0.02
    Colour (L*) ≥95.0 ≥95.1
    Light scattering power (%) ≥100 ≥109
    pH (water suspension) 6.0~8.5 7.4
    Oil absorption (g/100g) ≤23 ≤20
    Resistance (water extraction Ω.m) ≥50 ≥95
    Content of rutile (%) ≥98 ≥99
    Oil dispersity (Hegmann Value) ≥5.0 ≥5.5
    Organic treatment No


    1) The product shall be kept in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse.
    2) The product should be kept away from chemicals and corrosive substances, should not be stacked with flammable substances, and should not be close to fire sources.
    3) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain.
    4) The product should be packed completely to avoid moisture and pollution.



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