• Operating Principle

    Focus on wire and cable resolution
    Assist wire and cable factory fast development
    Customer first
    Leading by most advanced technology

  • Expert Team

    With our own technicians on production technology, also cooperate with wire and cable institue research center, colleagues, to develop the wire and cable materials with better performance and lower cost.

  • 100% Guarantees

    Free samples for test (Not including extrusion materials)
    Assist customer to choose the right material
    Inspection of finished materials before shipping

  • Quick Delivery

    Usually, goods will be delivered within 7 to 15 days after order confirmation.


  • Galvanized Steel Tape for Armoring

    Galvanized Steel Tape for Armoring

    With the continuous development of the wire and cable industry, the demand for various main and auxiliary raw materials for cable manufacturing is increasing, the level of production technology is also getting higher and higher, and the user’s product quality awareness is further enhanced. As an important cable material, steel tape mainly plays a role of mechanical protection and magnetic shielding in the armored cable structure. 1. Introduction   Galvanized steel tape is generally made...

  • Deliver the Silane-XLPE Compound of Two-Step (Sioplas) Method to Thailand

    Deliver the Silane-XLPE Compound of Two-Step (Sioplas) Method to Thailand

    The black Silane-XLPE compound of Sioplas method materials and thermoplastic semi-conductive shielding materials that we provided has been delivered to Thailand successfully in February of 2021. Our Thailand customer are going to test these samples’ properties. ONE WORLD has confidence in our cable materials. In fact, our customer told us the inquiry that they are looking for the black silane-xlpe for 5kv medium voltage cables in the beginning of the communication th...

  • CCAM Wires, Polyester Tapes and Aluminum Foil Polyester Tapes Order

    CCAM Wires, Polyester Tapes and Aluminum Foil Polyester Tapes Order

    ONE WORLD is glad to share with you that we got the material order which includes the polyester tape, aluminum foil polyester tape, CCAM wires from our Egyptian customer for the production of cable braiding and shielding. This cargo which includes 2 tons of CCAM wires, 2 tons of polyester tapes and 2 tons of aluminum foil polyester tapes will be finished in March. This Egypt customer is a new customer for us, we received the order not only our good price, also our high quality, professional ...


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