Phosphatierter Stahldraht

Phosphatierter Stahldraht

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The phosphatized steel wire for optical fiber cable is made of high-quality carbon steel wire rods through a series of processes such as rough drawing, heat treatment, pickling, washing, phosphating, drying, drawing, and take-up, etc.

The phosphorized steel wire is one of the basic components used in communication optical cables. It can protect the optical fiber from bending, support and strengthen the skeleton, which is beneficial to the manufacture, storage and transportation of optical cables and the laying of optical cable lines, and has stable optical cable quality , reduce signal attenuation and other characteristics.
The steel wire used in the core of the optical cable has basically replaced the galvanized steel wire in the past by phosphatized steel wire, and its quality directly affects the life of the optical cable. The use of phosphatized steel wire will not chemically react with the grease in the optical cable to precipitate hydrogen and generate hydrogen loss, which can ensure high-quality optical fiber communication.

The phosphatized steel wire for optical cable we provide has the following characteristics:
1) The surface is smooth and clean, free of defects such as cracks, slubs, thorns, corrosion, bends and scars, etc;
2) The phosphating film is uniform, continuous, bright and does not fall off;
3) The appearance is round with stable size, high tensile strength, large elastic modulus, and low elongation.


It is used as the central metal reinforcement of outdoor communication optical cables.

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