Optical Fiber


Optical Fiber

  • PAYMENT TERMS: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.
  • DELIVERY TIME: 20 days
  • CONTAINER LOADING: 50thousand km / 20GP, 100thousand km / 40GP
  • SHIPPING: By sea
  • PORT OF LOADING: Shanghai, China
  • HS CODE: 9001100001
  • STORAGE: 6 months
  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    Optical Fiber is crafted from glass or plastic threads that transmit data as pulses of light, offering extremely high data transmission speeds. It can carry vast amounts of information over long distances with minimal signal loss. Unlike traditional copper cables, Optical Fiber is impervious to electromagnetic interference and radiofrequency interference, guaranteeing a clean and reliable signal. This quality makes Optical Fiber an ideal choice for telecommunications and long-haul networks.

    We provide a diverse range of optical fiber products, including G.652.D, G.657.A1, G.657.A2, and many more to cater to your specific needs.


    The optical fiber we provided has the following characteristics:

    1)Flexible selection of various coatings to meet the needs of different application occasions.

    2)Small polarization mode dispersion coefficient, suitable for high-speed transmission.

    3)Superior dynamic fatigue resistance, suitable for use in different environments.


    Mainly used in various types of optical cable to play the role of communication.

    Technical Parameters

    Optical Characteristic

    Item Units Conditions Specified values
    Attenuation    dB/km 1310nm ≤0.34
    dB/km 1383nm(afterH2-aging) ≤0.34
    dB/km 1550nm ≤0.20
    dB/km 1625nm ≤0.24
    Attenuation vs. Wavelength Max.α difference  dB/km 1285-1330nm, in reference to 1310nm ≤0.03
    dB/km 1525-1575nm, in reference to 1550nm ≤0.02
    Zero Dispersion Wavelength(λ0) nm —— 1300-1324
    Zero Dispersion Slope(S0) ps/(nm² ·km) —— ≤0.092
    Cable Cutoff Wavelength(λcc) nm —— ≤1260
    Mode Field Diameter(MFD)  μm 1310nm 8.7-9.5
    μm 1550nm 9.8-10.8
    Item Units Conditions Specified values
    Attenuation dB/km 1310nm ≤0.35
    dB/km 1383nm(afterH2-aging) ≤0.35
    dB/km 1460nm ≤0.25
    dB/km 1550nm ≤0.21
    dB/km 1625nm ≤0.23
    Attenuation vs. Wavelength Max.α difference dB/km 1285-1330nm,in reference to 1310nm ≤0.03
    dB/km 1525-1575nm,in reference to 1550nm ≤0.02
    Zero Dispersion Wavelength(λ0) nm —— 1300-1324
    Zero Dispersion Slope(S0) ps/(nm² ·km) —— ≤0.092
    Cable Cutoff Wavelength(λcc) nm —— ≤1260
    Mode Field Diameter (MFD) μm 1310nm 8.4-9.2
    μm 1550nm 9.3-10.3




    G.652D optical fiber is taken up on plastic spool, put into a carton, and then stacked on the pallet and fixed with wrapping film.
    Plastic spools are available in three sizes.
    1) 25.2km/spool
    2) 48.6km/spool
    3) 50.4km/spool

    G.652D (1)
    G.652D (2)
    G.652D (3)
    G.652D (4)
    G.652D (5)


    1) The product should be kept in a clean, hygienic, dry and ventilated storehouse.
    2) The product should not be stacked together with flammable products and should not be close to fire sources.
    3) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain.
    4) The product should be packed completely to avoid moisture and pollution.
    5) The product shall be protected from heavy pressure and other mechanical damage during storage.

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