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Aramid yarn has excellent properties such as ultra-high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, etc. It also has high corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, and can maintain its inherent stability at higher temperatures. It is a superior non-metallic reinforcing material for optical cable.

The application of aramid yarn in optical cable has two main forms: First is to directly use it as a bearing unit through the unique physical and chemical properties and high strength characteristics of aramid yarn. The second is through further processing, and combine aramid yarn with resin to make aramid reinforced plastic rod (KFRP) used in optical cable structure to improve the application performance of optical cable.

Aramid yarn is often used to replace steel wire as a optical cable strengthening element. Compared with steel wire, the elastic modulus of aramid yarn is 2 to 3 times that of steel wire, the toughness is twice that of steel wire, and the density is only about 1/5 of that of steel wire. Especially in some special occasions, such as high-voltage and other strong electric fields, no metal materials can be used to prevent conduction, and the application of aramid yarn can prevent the optical cable from being disturbed by lightning strikes and strong electromagnetic fields.

We can provide general type and high modulus type aramid yarn to meet the different requirements of indoor/outdoor optical cable.

The aramid yarn we provided has the following characteristics:
1) Light specific gravity and high modulus.
2) Low elongation, high breaking strength.
3) High temperature resistance, insoluble and non-combustible.
4) Permanent antistatic properties.


Mainly used for non-metallic reinforcements of ADSS optical cable, indoor tight-buffered optical cable and other products.

Technische Parameter

Artikel Technische Parameter
Linear Density?dtex? 1580 3160 3220 6440 8050
Deviation of linear density % ?