Over 120Tbit/s! Telecom, ZTE and Changfei jointly set a new world record for real-time transmission rate of ordinary single-mode optical fiber

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Over 120Tbit/s! Telecom, ZTE and Changfei jointly set a new world record for real-time transmission rate of ordinary single-mode optical fiber

Recently, the China Academy of Telecommunication Research, together with ZTE Corporation Limited and Changfei Optical Fiber and Cable Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Changfei Company”) based on ordinary single-mode quartz fiber, completed S+C+L multi-band large-capacity transmission experiment, the highest real-time single-wave rate reached 1.2Tbit/s, and the single-direction transmission rate of a single fiber exceeded 120Tbit/s. Set a new world record for the real-time transmission rate of ordinary single-mode fiber, equivalent to supporting the transmission of hundreds of 4K high-definition movies or several AI model training data per second.

According to reports, the verification test of the single-fiber unidirectional super 120Tbit/s has achieved breakthrough results in the system spectrum width, key algorithms and architecture design.

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In terms of the system spectrum width, based on the traditional C-band, the system spectrum width is further extended to S and L bands to achieve the super-large communication bandwidth of S+C+L multi-band up to 17THz, and the band range covers 1483nm-1627nm.

In terms of key algorithms, the China Academy of Telecommunication Research combines the characteristics of S/C/L three-band optical fiber loss and power transfer, and proposes a scheme to maximize spectrum efficiency through adaptive matching of symbol rate, channel interval and modulation code type. At the same time, with the help of ZTE’s multi-band system filling wave and automatic power balancing technology, the channel-level service performance is balanced and the transmission distance is maximized.

In terms of architecture design, the real-time transmission adopts the industry’s advanced photoelectric sealing technology, the single-wave signal baud rate exceeds 130GBd, the bit rate reaches 1.2Tbit/s, and the number of photoelectric components is greatly saved.

The experiment adopts the ultra-low attenuation and large effective area optical fiber developed by Changfei Company, which has a lower attenuation coefficient and a larger effective area, helping to realize the system spectral width expansion to the S-band, and the highest real-time single wave rate reaches 1.2Tbit/s. The optical fiber has realized the localization of design, preparation, process, raw materials and other links.

Artificial intelligence technology and its business applications are booming, bringing about an explosion in the demand for data center interconnection bandwidth. As the bandwidth cornerstone of digital information infrastructure, all-optical network needs to further break through the rate and capacity of optical transmission. Adhering to the mission of “smart connection for a better life”, the company will join hands with operators and customers to focus on the research and development of core key technologies of optical communication, carry out in-depth cooperation and commercial exploration in the fields of new rates, new bands, and new optical fibers, and build new quality productivity of enterprises with technological innovation, constantly promote the sustainable development of all-optical network, and help build a solid base for the digital future.

Post time: Apr-15-2024