Brief Introduction Of GFRP

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Brief Introduction Of GFRP

GFRP is an important component of the optical cable. It is generally placed in the center of the optical cable. Its function is to support the optical fiber unit or optical fiber bundle and improve the tensile strength of the optical cable. Traditional optical cables use metal reinforcements. As a non-metallic reinforcement, GFRP is increasingly used in various optical cables due to its advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and long life.

GFRP is a new type of high-performance engineering composite material, made by pultrusion process after mixing resin as matrix material and glass fiber as reinforcing material. As a non-metallic optical cable strength member, GFRP overcomes the defects of traditional metal optical cable strength members. It has remarkable advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, lightning resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, high tensile strength, light weight, environmental protection, energy saving, etc., and is widely used in various optical cables.

II. Features and Applications

As a non-metallic strength member, GFRP can be used for indoor optical cable, outdoor optical cable, ADSS power communication optical cable, FTTX optical cable, etc.

GFRP is available in wooden spools and plastic spools.


High tensile strength, high modulus, low thermal conductivity, low elongation, low expansion, wide temperature range.
As a non-metallic material, it is not sensitive to electric shock, and is applicable to areas with thunderstorms, rainy weather, etc.
Chemical corrosion resistance. Compared with metal reinforcement, GFRP does not generate gas due to the chemical reaction between metal and cable gel, so it will not affect the optical fiber transmission index.
Compared with metal reinforcement, GFRP has the characteristics of high tensile strength, light weight, excellent insulation performance, and immunity to electromagnetic interference.
Fiber optic cables using GFRP as a strength member can be installed next to power lines and power supply units without interference from induced currents from the power lines or power supply units.
GFRP has a smooth surface, stable dimensions, easy processing and laying, and a wide range of applications.
Fiber optic cables using GFRP as a strength member can be bulletproof, bite-proof, and ant-proof.
Ultra-long distance (50km) without joints, no breaks, no burrs, no cracks.

Storage Requirements and Precautions

Do not place spools in a flat position and do not stack them high.
Spool-packed GFRP must not be rolled over long distances.
No impact, crush and any mechanical damage.
Prevent moisture and prolonged exposure to the sun, and prohibit prolonged rain.
Storage and transportation temperature range: -40°C~+60°C

Post time: Nov-21-2022