Methods of selecting high-quality cables

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Methods of selecting high-quality cables

March 15 is the International Day of Consumer Rights, which was established in 1983 by the organization of Consumers International to expand the publicity of consumer rights protection and make it receive attention worldwide. March 15, 2024 marks the 42nd International Day of Consumer Rights, and this year’s theme is “Energizing Consumption.”

Wire and cable is known as the “blood vessel” and “nerve” of the national economy, and its product quality has been widely concerned by the government, enterprises and the public.


Wire and cable purchase tips:
(a) View the full logo
A complete wire and cable mark should include at least two aspects of content: first, the origin mark, that is, the manufacturer’s name or trademark; The second is the functional sign, that is, the model and specification (conductor cross section, number of cores, rated voltage, frequency and load bearing capacity, etc.).
(2) Identify cross-section work
First, look at the insulation layer cross-section, if there are cable raw material defects or process problems in the manufacturing process, then the cross-section may have bubbles or off-core phenomenon; The second is to see the exposed copper wire part. High quality copper wire color bright red, feel soft; Due to more doping impurities, the color of the inferior copper wire is generally purple and dark, black, yellow or white, and the toughness is not good, and the hardness is larger.
(3) Test insulation feel
Due to the use of different insulating materials for good and bad wire and cable, the mechanical strength and flexibility of its insulation layer are different. The insulation layer of high-quality wire and cable often feels soft and has good fatigue strength; In contrast, the raw materials of the insulation layer of shoddy wire and cable are mostly recycled plastics, which are usually poor in resilience.
(4) Compare market prices
Because corners are generally cut in the manufacturing process, the manufacturing cost of counterfeit wire and cable is greatly reduced than that of high-quality products, and the price is often significantly lower than the market price. Consumers must compare the average price of the market when purchasing, do not want to be cheap and enter the trap of cheap selling by illegal businesses.

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Post time: Mar-15-2024