Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Last month we have delivered a full container of water blocking tape to our new customer FBR which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. Water blocking tape for optical cables is a modern high-tech communication product whose main body is made of polyester non-woven fabric compounded with highly absorbent material, which has the function of water absorption and expansion. It can reduce the infiltration of water and moisture in optical cables and improve the working life of optical ...
  • Deliver 14 Tons of Chrome-plated Copolymer Coated Steel Tapes to Ukraine

    Thanks to our successful cooperation on wire & cable equipment, we have been given the opportunity to work with our Ukrainian customers on cable materials. Chrome-plated copolymer coated steel tapes are required in the process of making fiber optic cables as the armoring layer. So our customer asked us to provide information about this material. After our tireless efforts to develop and communicate the parameters, our customer finally chose to purchase from our side. Our customer confirme...
  • 9000D Water blocking yarn and PBT were shipped to Azerbaijan

    This month,we (ONE WORLD) delivered 1 ton of 9000D water blocking yarn and 1 ton of PBT to our customer from Azerbaijan by air.This is the first time we cooperated with the customer. After carefully comparing the technical parameters and prices, we finally reached a cooperation. Now the goods have arrived and I believe that our future cooperation will continue. Delivery pictures as below for your reference: Water blocking yarns are used in optical,copper telephone,data cable and power cable ...
  • 20 Tons of Chlorinated Paraffin 52 Delivered to Ecuador

    We are pleased to share with you that we just delivered 20 tons (20ft container) of chlorinated paraffin 52 to our customer in Ecuador. As you all know that the plastic materials is the most widely used in wire and cable field all the time. With the development of wire and cable industry, more and more customers are paying more attention to the chlorinated paraffin because of its characteristics: The plasticizers for PVC cable materials with excellent Volatility, electrical properties. Chlori...
  • Deliver 200kg Semi-conductive Acrylic Rubber Coated Nylon Tape to Mexico

    We are pleased to share that we delivered 200kgs Semi-conductive acrylic rubber coated nylon tape to our customer from Mexico. Semi-conductive acrylic rubber coated nylon tape that we provided are made of Tetoron tape, via semi-conductive and acrylic adhesive,  impregnated dry and forming, fiber after fully carding, high longitudinal strength, small resistance, which are used in the outside of cable conductor and insulation core to shield and bind. With super high st...