Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Last month we have delivered a full container of water blocking tape to our new customer FBR which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. Water blocking tape for optical cables is a modern high-tech communication product whose main body is made of polyester non-woven fabric compounded with highly absorbent material, which has the function of water absorption and expansion. It can reduce the infiltration of water and moisture in optical cables and improve the working life of optical ...
  • G652D Optical Fiber Order

    ONE WORLD is glad to share with you that we got the optical fiber order from our Algeria customer for the production of Optical Fiber Cable. (G652D optical fibers) This cargo includes 11 different colors covered on optical fiber (In total: 20260.8kms) and will be finished in the middle of November. This Algeria customer is an old customer and we have cooperated together many times, and give us big trust on us, we received the order not only about our good price, also our high quality, profes...
  • Inspecting the Plastic Coated Aluminum Tape for American Customers

    ONE WORLD just finished the inspection of plastic coated aluminum tape for our American customers. They are very satisfied with our product and packages. Here is some details about these plastic coated aluminum tape: 1.The plastic coated aluminum tape is made of aluminium tape as the base material with good ductility, and laminated with single-sided or double-sided composite PE type plastic layer or copolymer type plastic layer. 2.Mainly used in communication cables,...
  • 4 tons Al-Mg Alloy Wires were Delivered to Iran

    We are glad to share that we delivered 4 tons Al-Mg alloy wires to our Customer in Iran on 10, November. We have supplied this materials to this customer three times, the customer is very satisfied with the quality and the service and promised that they will do long term business with us and new order will be placed soon. Al-Mg alloy wire is one of the typical wire coating materials. The addition of manganese to aluminium increases strength somewhat through solution ...
  • What is Aramid Fibre and its Advantage?

    1.Definition of aramid fibres Aramid fibre is the collective name for aromatic polyamide fibres. 2.Classification of aramid fibres Aramid fiber according to the molecular structure can be divided into three types: para-aromatic polyamide fiber, inter-aromatic polyamide fiber, aromatic polyamide copolymer fiber. Among them, para-aromatic polyamide fibers are divided into poly-phenylamide (poly-p-aminobenzoyl) fibers, poly-benzenedicarboxamide terephthalamide fibers, inter-position benzodicarbo...