Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Last month we have delivered a full container of water blocking tape to our new customer FBR which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. Water blocking tape for optical cables is a modern high-tech communication product whose main body is made of polyester non-woven fabric compounded with highly absorbent material, which has the function of water absorption and expansion. It can reduce the infiltration of water and moisture in optical cables and improve the working life of optical ...
  • ONE WORLD Assists Ukrainian Customer to Preserve Aluminum Foil Polyethylene Tape

    In February, a Ukrainian cable factory contacted us to customize a batch of aluminum foil polyethylene tapes. After discussions on product technical parameters, specifications, packaging, and delivery, etc. we reached a cooperation agreement. Aluminum Foil Polyethylene Tape At present, ONE WORLD factory has completed the production of ...
  • New order of polyester tapes and the polyethylene tapes from Argentina

    In Feb, ONE WORLD received a new order of polyester tapes and polyethylene tapes with the total quantity 9 tons from our Argentina customer, this is an old customer of us, during the past several years, we are always the stable supplier of the polyester tapes and the polyethylene tapes for this customer. Polyester-Tape We have established stable and good commercial relations and friendship with each other, the customer believe in us not only because of the good price, high quality, but also ...
  • ONE WORLD Quality Management: Aluminum Foil Polyethylene Tape

    ONE WORLD exported a batch of aluminum foil polyethylene tape, the tape is mainly used to prevent signal leakage during the transmission of signals in coaxial cables, the aluminum foil plays an emitting and refracting role and has a good shielding effect. The self-adhesive copolymer side is 100% longitudinally bonded to the foamed polyethylene insulator. We would like to share with you the quality inspection work that we do for appearance, size, color, performance, packaging, etc. during the ...
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rods for Optical Fiber Cable

    ONE WORLD is glad to share with you that we got the Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rods order from one of our Algerian customers, This customer is very influential in the Algerian cable industry and is a leading company in the production of optical cables. Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) But for the product of FRP, this is our first cooperation. Before this order, the customer tested our free samples in advance, and after strict sample testing, our samples passed the test very well. Because ...