Fiber Optic Orders from Moroccan Customers

Fiber Optic Orders from Moroccan Customers

We have just delivered a full container of fiber optic to our customer which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. We bought the bare G652D and G657A2 fiber from YOFC which is the best fiber manufacturer in China, also famous in the world, then we colored it into twelve different colors(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, White, Orange, Brown, Grey, Black, Pink, Aqua) and make sure there’s no joint in every plate of 50.4km. The production quality of fiber coloring process has a dire...
  • Deliver 200kg Semi-conductive Acrylic Rubber Coated Nylon Tape to Mexico

    We are pleased to share that we delivered 200kgs Semi-conductive acrylic rubber coated nylon tape to our customer from Mexico. Semi-conductive acrylic rubber coated nylon tape that we provided are made of Tetoron tape, via semi-conductive and acrylic adhesive,  impregnated dry and forming, fiber after fully carding, high longitudinal strength, small resistance, which are used in the outside of cable conductor and insulation core to shield and bind. With super high st...
  • 2 Tons of Aramid Yarn were shipped to Vietnam

    We are pleased to share that we just delivered 2 tons of Aramid Yarn to our customer from Vietnam. Aramid Yarn is mainly used as non-metallic reinforcement for ADSS optical cables, non-metallic outdoor optical cables and indoor optical cables. (Packaging the Armaid Yarn) This customer is a new customer to us. After carefully comparing the technical parameters and prices, and testing the free samples we provided, we finally reached a cooperation. I believe that our future cooperation will be ...
  • The Shipping of Tin-coated Copper Stranded Wire

    This month, One world cable material sent another batch of tinned copper stranded wire to Algeria. Tin-coated copper stranded wire is mainly used for rubber insulated mining cables, soft wires, soft cables and Marine cables as conductive wire core, and used as the cable's outer shield braiding layer and brush line The tinned copper stranded wire is coated with a thin layer on the surface of the bare copper stranded wire to prevent the oxidation of the copper wire. We produce the tinned copper...
  • 12 Tons of Mylar Tapes were Shipped to Philippines

    We are pleased to share that we just delivered 12 tons of polyester tapes to our customer from Philippines. This is a return order again, the customer ever purchase other size polyester tapes before, they recognize the quality of our products and our supply ability very much, because we can supply any thickness of polyester tape that the customers needs, from 10um to 100um, any size can be customized according the requirements. In addition, we offer very competitive ...