Calcium-zinc Stabilizer


Calcium-zinc Stabilizer

SGS certified Calcium-zinc Stabilizer. Meet the requirements of ROHS environmental protection standards. Free Calcium-zinc Stabilizer sample and fast delivery.

  • PAYMENT TERMS: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.
  • PORT OF LOADING: Shanghai, China
  • SHIPPING: By sea
  • PACKAGING: 25kg/bag, kraft paper bag
  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    This series of products are made of organic acid salts of calcium and zinc with a reasonable combination of hydrotalcite, rare earth soap, various auxiliary stabilizers and internal and external lubricants. It has passed the SGS test, has excellent thermal stability, electrical properties and physical properties, and is a new generation of environmentally friendly composite stabilizer.


    1) Excellent thermal stability and initial coloring.
    Excellent initial colorability and heat resistance, good surface finish of the products make products of better quality, stronger market competitiveness.

    2) Good suppression of patina
    Good oxidation resistance and good weather resistance. And in terms of vulcanization pollution, it has a vulcanization resistance that cannot be achieved by ordinary stabilizers.

    3) Excellent precipitation resistance and anti-frost performance
    In addition to excellent precipitation resistance and anti-frost performance, it also has high-quality characteristics such as good compatibility, low volatilization, low migration, etc.

    4) Meet the requirements of ROHS environmental protection standards.
    With excellent technology and strong production capacity, it meets the requirements of EU ROHS environmental protection standards, which is an ideal substitute for lead ban.

    5) Strong plasticizing ability, save energy consumption, reduce the wear of machine screw.

    Technical Parameters


    Model Dosage Features
    619WII 4.0-5.0 High heat resistance, good initial coloring, good weather resistance, suitable for shallow products.
    619G 6.0-7.5 High heat resistance, high insulation, excellent thermal stability.

    Reference Formula:

    Name of the ingredient 70℃ 90℃, 105℃
    PVC 100 100
    Plasticizer 50 30-50
    Filler 50 Proper
    619W-Ⅱ 4.0-5.0
    619G 6.0-7.5
    Other additives Proper Proper


    1) The product should be kept in a clean, hygienic, dry and ventilated storehouse.
    2) The product should be kept away from chemicals and corrosive substances, should not be stacked together with flammable products and should not be close to fire sources.
    3) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain.
    4) The product should be packed completely to avoid moisture and pollution.
    5) The storage period of the product at ordinary temperature is 12 months from the date of production.



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