Aluminum Foil For Food Packaging


Aluminum Foil For Food Packaging

Introducing ONE WORLD premium aluminum foil for food packaging! Mostly used in the food packaging sector for items like coffee and chocolate packing, but also in the packaging of beer bottles, medicines, cooking bags, and toothpaste tubes.

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  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    With the development of society, more and more food packaging bags use aluminum foil materials. Why use aluminum foil for food packaging bags? This is because metal aluminum will be oxidized by oxygen, forming a dense oxide protective film on the metal surface, preventing oxygen from continuing to oxidize metal aluminum.

    By utilising this thick protective film, the packaging bag composed of aluminum foils effectively blocks outside air from entering the interior of the food packing bag, avoiding oxidation and deterioration of the food. And the aluminum foil is opaque and has good shading properties to prevent food from being discolored or deteriorated by light.

    Aluminum foil for food is very protective against light, liquids and bacteria. Because of these properties, many foods packaged in aluminum packaging materials, tend to have a shelf life of more than 12 months.
    Aluminum foil is non-toxic, so it doesn’t damage the foods packaged inside, but protects them.

    ONE WORLD can provide various grades and different states of aluminum foil/ aluminum alloy foil, including single-sided shiny aluminum foil and double-sided shiny. It is produced by a series of complex processes such as casting – hot rolling – cold rolling – trimming – foil rolling – slitting – annealing.


    The aluminum foil for food provided by ONE WORLD has the following characteristics:
    1) The grains of the aluminum foil for food are uniform. The surface of the aluminum foil has almost no stripes and bright line defects, especially the dark surface has a uniform and beautiful quality and no bright spots.
    2) The aluminum foil for food has uniform mechanical properties in all directions and high elongation.
    3) The probability of holes in aluminum foil for food is low and the diameter is small.


    Mostly used in the food packaging sector for items like coffee and chocolate packing, but also in the packaging of beer bottles, medicines, cooking bags, and toothpaste tubes.


    Technical Parameters

    Grade State Thickness (mm) Tensile Strength (MPa) Breaking Elongation (%)
    1235 O 0.0040~0.0060 45~95 ≥0.5
    >0.0060~0.0090 45~100 ≥1.0
    >0.0090~0.0250 45~105 ≥1.5
    8011 O 0.0050~0.0090 50~100 ≥0.5
    >0.0090~0.0250 55~110 ≥1.0
    >0.0250~0.0400 55~110 ≥4.0
    Note: More specifications, please contact our sales staff.


    The rolls of aluminum foil for food are packaged in a horizontal suspension type, and a layer of neutral (or weakly acidic) moisture-proof paper or other moisture-proof materials is placed on the outside of it, covered with a plastic bag.

    And a soft liner is placed on the end face of the roll, put in a desiccant, and then the two ends of the plastic bag are folded, inserted into the roll core and sealed.

    After inserting the steel pipe core into the roll core, the aluminum foil roll is placed in the packaging box in a horizontal suspension type, and the box is sealed with a cover.

    Four-sided fork wooden box size: 1300mm*680mm*750mm
    (The wooden box is designed according to product specifications, outer diameter, etc. to ensure the maximum loading capacity.



    1) The product should be stored in a clean, hygienic, ventilated and dry warehouse with no corrosive atmosphere.
    2) The product cannot be stored in the open air, but a tarp must be used when it must be stored in the open air for a short time.
    3) Bare products are not allowed to be placed directly on the ground, and a wooden square with a height of not less than 100mm should be used below.

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