XLPO Compound


XLPO Compound

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  • HS Code: 3902900090
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    Product Introduction

    This product complies with relevant environmental requirements such as RoHS and REACH. The material performance meets the standards of EN 50618-2014, TUV 2PfG 1169, and IEC 62930-2017. It is suitable for insulation and sheathing layers in the production of solar photovoltaic cables.

    Model Material A: Material B Usage
    OW-XLPO 90:10 Used for photovoltaic insulation layer.
    OW-XLPO-1 25:10 Used for photovoltaic insulation layer.
    OW-XLPO-2 90:10 Used for photovoltaic insulation or insulation sheathing.
    OW-XLPO(H) 90:10 Used for photovoltaic sheathing layer.
    OW-XLPO(H)-1 90:10 Used for photovoltaic sheathing layer.

    Processing Indicator

    1. Mixing: Before using this product, mix components A and B thoroughly and then add them to the hopper. After opening the material, it is recommended to use it within 2 hours. Do not subject the material to drying treatment. Be vigilant during the mixing process to prevent the introduction of external moisture into components A and B.

    2. It is recommended to use a single-threaded screw with equidistant and varying depths.

    Compression Ratio: OW-XLPO(H)/OW-XLPO/OW-XLPO-2: 1.5±0.2, OW-XLPO-1: 2.0±0.2

    3. Extrusion Temperature:

    Model Zone one Zone two Zone three Zone four Machine Neck Machine Head
    OW-XLPO/OW-XLPO-2/OW-XLPO(H) 100±10℃ 125±10℃ 135±10℃ 135±10℃ 140±10℃ 140±10℃
    OW-XLPO-1 120±10℃ 150±10℃ 180±10℃ 180±10℃ 180±10℃ 180±10℃

    4. Wire Laying Speed: Increase the wire laying speed as much as possible without affecting surface smoothness and performance.

    5. Cross-Linking Process: After stranding, natural or water bath (steam) cross-linking can be performed. For natural cross-linking, it can be completed within a week at temperatures above 25°C. When using a water bath or steam for cross-linking, to prevent cable adhesion, maintain the water bath (steam) temperature at 60-70°C, and cross-linking can be completed in approximately 4 hours. The above-mentioned cross-linking time is provided as an example for insulation thickness ≤ 1mm. If the thickness exceeds this, the specific cross-linking time should be adjusted based on the product's thickness and cross-linking level to meet the cable's performance requirements. Perform a complete performance test, with a water bath (steam) temperature of 60°C and a boiling time of more than 8 hours to ensure thorough material cross-linking.

    Technical Parameters

    No. Item Unit Standard Data
    1 Appearance —— Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
    2 Density g/cm³ 1.28 1.05 1.38 1.50 1.50
    3 Tensile Strength Mpa 12 20 13.0 12.0 12.0
    4  Elongation at break % 200 400 300 180 180
    5 Thermal aging performance Test conditions —— 150℃*168h
    Tensile Strength Retention Rate % 115 120 115 120 120
    Retention rate of elongation at break % 80 85 80 75 75
    6 Short-Term High-Temperature Thermal Aging Test conditions   185℃*100h
    Elongation at break % 85 75 80 80  80
    7 Low-temperature impact Test conditions —— -40℃
    Number of Failures(≤15/30) 0 0 0 0  0
    8  Oxygen index % 28 / 30 35 35
    9  20℃ Volume Resistivity Ω·m 3*1015 5*1013 3*1013 3*1012 3*1012
    10  Dielectric Strength (20°C) MV/m 28 30 28 25 25
    11 Thermal Expansion Test conditions —— 250℃ 0.2MPa  15min
    Load elongation rate % 40 40 40 35 35
    Permanent deformation rate after cooling % 0 +2.5 0 0 0
    12 Burning releases acidic gases HCI and HBr content % 0 0 0 0 0
    HF content % 0 0 0 0 0
    pH value —— 5 5 5.1 5 5
    Electrical conductivity μs/mm 1 1 1.2 1 1
    13 smoke density Flame Mode Ds max / / / 85 85
    14 Original elongation at break test data after pre-treatment at 130°C for 24 hours.
    Customization can be done according to the user's personalized requirements.

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