PA12 Compound


PA12 Compound

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    Product Introduction

    PA12 Compound is suitable for the insulation or sheathing of electrical wires and cables. The product contains plasticizers and possesses thermal stability and UV stability. The product complies with RoHS and REACH standards.

    Processing Indicator

    Pre-drying temperature pre-drying time extrusion temperature
    80-110℃ 4—6 h 210-260℃

    The typical values mentioned above are provided for user reference. In the actual production and usage process, process adjustments can be made according to the specific product being manufactured. For continuous production processes, it is recommended to use sustainable drying equipment, and the recommended drying temperature range falls within the pre-drying temperature range.

    Technical Parameters

    No. Item Test Condition Unit Standard Data
    1 Bending Strength 2mm/min Mpa 36
    2 Bending Modulus Mpa 950
    3 Tensile Strength 50mm/min Mpa 45
    4 Tensile Elongation at Break % ≥200
    5 Charpy Impact Strength (Simply-Supported Beam Notched) 23℃ kJ/m2 65
    -30℃ 24
    6 Shore Hardness D,15s Shore D 74
    7 Melting Point DSC   179
    8 Heat Deflection Temperature 1.8MPa 45
    0.45MPa 85
    9 Flame Resistance Grade (0.8mm) Rating HB
    10 Volume Resistivity Ω·m ≥1010
    11 Surface Resistivity Ω ≥1010
    12 Relative Tracking Index 600
    13 Density 23℃ g/cm3 1.0 


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