Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Order of Water Blocking Tape from FRB Cables

Last month we have delivered a full container of water blocking tape to our new customer FBR which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. Water blocking tape for optical cables is a modern high-tech communication product whose main body is made of polyester non-woven fabric compounded with highly absorbent material, which has the function of water absorption and expansion. It can reduce the infiltration of water and moisture in optical cables and improve the working life of optical ...
  • Deliver Total 7.5 Tons Aluminum Foil Mylar Tape, Mylar Tape and Water Blocking Yarn to Brazil

    We are glad to share that the total 7.5 tons aluminum foil mylar tape, mylar tape and water blocking yarn were deliver to our customer from Brazil on 24th, November. Before the customer place the final order, samples were sent to them for the evaluation, customer is very satisfied with the quality, performance and the packing of the materials. After comparing the price between several other suppliers, they informed us our price is very good, finally they placed this ...
  • Deliver the PP Filling Ropes to Chile

    The inquiry of PP filling ropes is handled in January 2020. Total 3 types (18KD, 45KD, 65KD) are selected by the Chile customer, each type request 300kg. It total lasts for 5 rounds when confirm the detailed specification in communication. The advantage of our PP filling ropes: 100% Pure PP filling ropes (full new material with twist), best materials property, good effect of cable filling, makes the cable round and smooth, suitable for kinds of wires and cables. Meet...
  • Samples of Polyester Tape and Copper Foil Polyester Tape were Delivered to Mexico

    We are pleased to share that the customer from Mexico has received the samples of polyester tape and copper foil polyester tape that we provided on 20th, October. The customer feedback that samples are all in good condition and for now they are running the raw materials evaluation by testing the performance. We have confidence in our samples which will surely pass the test and next we will start long-term materials supply to the customer always with high quality and ...
  • Delivery of Fire-resistance TPU to Pakistani Customer

    The sample of fire-resistance TPU finally has been dispatched to our customer after a long time discussion and technical confirmation. TPU has the characteristics of good softness, oil resistance, low temperature stability, weather resistance, moisture resistance, and strong mechanical strength. Therefore, it is widely used in the wire and cable industry, such as earphone cables, marine cables and other high-end cables. Pictures for your reference: ...