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Order of Water Blocking Tape from Morocco

Order of Water Blocking Tape from Morocco

Order of Water Blocking Tape from Morocco

Post time: 05-16-2022

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Last month we have delivered a full container of water blocking tape to our new customer which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco.

double-sided water blocking tape
Water blocking tape for optical cables is a modern high-tech communication product whose main body is made of polyester non-woven fabric compounded with highly absorbent material, which has the function of water absorption and expansion. It can reduce the infiltration of water and moisture in optical cables and improve the working life of optical cables. It plays the role of sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof and buffer protection. It has the characteristics of high expansion pressure, fast expansion speed, good gel stability as well as good thermal stability, preventing water and moisture from spreading longitudinally, thus playing the role of water barrier, ensuring the transmission performance of optical fibres and extending the life of optical cables.

package of double-sided water blocking tape
The excellent water-blocking properties of water-blocking tapes for communication cables are mainly due to the strong water-absorbing properties of the highly absorbent resin, which is evenly distributed inside the product. The polyester non-woven fabric to which the highly absorbent resin adheres ensures that the water barrier has sufficient tensile strength and good longitudinal elongation. At the same time, the good permeability of the polyester non-woven fabric makes the water barrier products swell and block water immediately when encountering water.

package of double-sided water blocking tape.
ONE WORLD is a factory that focuses on providing raw materials for wire and cable factories. We have many factories producing water blocking tapes, film laminated water blocking tapes, water-blocking yarns, etc. We also have a professional technical team, and together with the material research institute, we continuously develop and improve our materials, provide wire and cable factories with lower cost, higher quality, environmentally friendly and reliable materials, and help wire and cable factories become more competitive in the market.

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