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New Order of Aluminum Tape with EAA Coating from USA

New Order of Aluminum Tape with EAA Coating from USA

New Order of Aluminum Tape with EAA Coating from USA

Post time: 04-24-2022

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ONE WORLD has received a new order for 1*40ft aluminium composite tape from a customer in the USA, a regular customer with whom we have established a friendly relationship over the last year and have maintained a stable purchase, making us a reliable supplier.


Aluminum tape

We have established a stable and good relationship with each other. Our customers trust us not only because of our good price and high quality, but also because of our good service.

For delivery time, we offer the fastest delivery time so that our customers can receive the aluminum tape in time; for payment terms, we do our best to offer better payment terms to meet our customers' requirements, such as BL copy for balance payment, L/C on sight, CAD on sight, etc.

Before our customer places an order, we provide TDS of the material and show sample pictures to the customer for confirmation. Even if the same specification has been purchased several times, we still do this because we are responsible to our customers and we must bring them a satisfactory and accurate product.

ONE WORLD is a factory that focuses on providing raw materials for wire and cable factories. We have many factories producing aluminum-plastic composite tapes, aluminum foil Mylar tapes, semi-conductive water blocking tapes, PBT, galvanized steel strands, water-blocking yarns, etc. We also have a professional technical team, and together with the material research institute, we continuously develop and improve our materials, provide wire and cable factories with lower cost, higher quality, environmentally friendly and reliable materials, and help wire and cable factories become more competitive in the market.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to improve your business. Your short message maybe means a lot for your business. ONE WORLD will serve you wholeheartedly.