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PE Physically Foamed Insulation Compounds

PORT OF LOADING Shanghai, China
HS CODE 3901909000
STORAGE 12 months


Product Introduction

With the continuous development of network communication and the continuous improvement of transmission bandwidth, the data cables used in communication networks are also constantly developing towards higher transmission bandwidth. At present, Cat.6A and higher data cables have become the mainstream products of network cabling. To achieve better transmission performance, such data cables must adopt foamed insulation.
The PE physically foamed insulation compounds is an insulating cable material made of HDPE resin as the base material, adding an appropriate amount of nucleating agent and other additives, and processed by mixing, plasticizing, and granulating.
It is suitable to adopt physical foaming technology which is a process injecting pressured inert gas (N2 or CO2) into molten PE plastic to form closed-cell foam. Compared with solid PE insulation, after be foamed, the dielectric constant of the material will be reduced; the amount of material is reduced, and the cost is reduced; the weight is lightened; and the heat insulation is strengthened.
The compounds of OW3068/F we provide is a physically foamed insulating material specially used for the production of data cable foam insulation layer. Its appearance is light yellow cylindrical compounds with the size of (φ2.5mm~φ3.0mm)×(2.5mm~3.0mm).
During the production process, the foaming degree of the material can be controlled by the process method, and the foaming degree can reach up to about 70%. Different foaming degrees can obtain different dielectric constants, so that data cable products can achieve lower attenuation, higher transmission rate, and better electrical transmission performance.
The data cable produced by our OW3068/F PE physically foamed insulating compounds can meet the requirements of IEC61156, ISO11801, EN50173 and other standards.
The PE physically foamed insulating compounds for data cables we provide have the following characteristics:
1) Uniform particle size with no impurities;
2) Suitable for high-speed insulation extruding, the extruding speed can reach more than 1000m/min;
3) With excellent electrical properties. The dielectric constant is stable at different frequencies, the dielectric loss tangent is little, and the volume resistivity is large, which can ensure the stability and consistency of performance during high-frequency transmission;
4) With excellent mechanical properties, which is not easy to be squeezed and deformed during the extrusion and subsequent processing.


It is suitable for the production of the foamed layer of the insulated core wire of Cat.6A, Cat.7, Cat.7A and Cat.8 data cable.

Technical Parameters

Item Unit Performance index Typical value
Density(23℃) g/cm3 0.941~0.965 0.948
MFR(melt flow rate) g/10min 3.0~6.0 4.0
Low temperature embrittlement (-76℃) failure number / ≤2/10 0/10
Tensile strength MPa ≥17 24
Breaking elongation % ≥400 766
Dielectic constant(1MHz) / ≤2.40 2.2
Dielectric loss tangent(1MHz) / ≤1.0×10-3 2.0×10-4
20℃ volume resistivity Ω·m ≥1.0×1013 1.3×1015
200℃ oxidation induction period  (copper cup) min ≥30 30

Storage Method

1) The product should be stored in a clean, hygienic, dry and ventilated warehouse, and should not be stacked with flammable products, and should not be near the fire source;
2) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain;
3) The product should be packaged intact, avoid damp and contamination;
4) The storage temperature of the product should be lower than 50℃.


Regular packing: paper-plastic composite bag for outer bag, PE film bag for inner bag. The net content of each bag is 25kg.
Or other packaging methods negotiated by both parties.

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