What is Aluminum Tape Used for?

Aluminium tape is made of aluminum ingots, which has different grades, specifications and states according to its use. Aluminum tape has the characteristics of smooth surface, tidy circle, no edge curling, cracks, peeling, burrs, etc. It can be used as the armor layer and metal sheath of power cables, which play the role of waterproof, carrying short-circuit current and resisting pressure. It also can be used for wrapping or longitudinal wrapping communication cables to play the role of shielding.
How to confirm the state of aluminum tape? What are the hazards of improper cleaning the aluminum tape?
1. The states
Aluminum tape has many applications including composite pipes, cables, cable, and so on. The states are divided into O and H, O for soft and H for hard. The numbers after O and H indicate the degree of hardness and the degree of annealing. The grades are 1060, 1070, 1100.

Aluminum Tape
Aluminum Tape2

2. Application in the wire and cable industry
Longitudinally arranged aluminum layers improve impact resistance and the compressive strength of watertight cable-armored cables, which have been widely used in the core of fiber optic cables.
3. The improper cleaning of aluminum tape will bring?
Aluminum tape will remove surface oil in the process of production through proper cleaning production line, but the users’ cleaning is not recommended if there is no professional equipment.
Using neuter liquid will take no corrosion of aluminium strip surface. And cleaning will be dry after treatment at the same time to avoid the aluminum oxide.
If the user USES the wrong cleaning method to bring the following hazards to the aluminum strip:
Harm one: Friction damage to the surface of the aluminum tape. If you clean the aluminum tape with a rough wipe tool, then it is very easy to damage the surface of the aluminum tape.
Harm two: shorten the life of aluminum strip.The wrong cleaning will bring damage to the aluminum plate.
So everyone must ensure that the cleaning work is absolutely correct in the use of aluminum tape to avoid those harms.

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