The Function of Mica Tape in Cables

Refractory mica tape, referred to as mica tape, is a kind of refractory insulating material. It can be divided into refractory mica tape for motor and refractory mica tape for refractory cable. According to the structure, it is divided into double-sided mica tape, single-sided mica tape, three-in-one mica tape, etc. According to mica, it can be divided into synthetic mica tape, phlogopite mica tape, muscovite mica tape.

1. There are three kinds of mica tapes. The quality performance of synthetic mica tape is better, and muscovite mica tape is worse. For small-sized cables, synthetic mica tapes must be selected for wrapping.

Tips from ONE WORLD, Mica tape cannot be used if it is layered. Mica tape stored for a long time is easy to absorb moisture, so the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment must be considered when storing mica tape.

2. When using mica tape wrapping equipment, it should be used with good stability, wrapping angle at 30°-40°, wrapping evenly and tightly, and all guide wheels and rods that are in contact with the equipment must be smooth. The cables are neatly arranged, and the tension should not be too large.

3. For the circular core with axial symmetry, the mica tapes are tightly wrapped in all directions, so the conductor structure of the refractory cable should use a circular compression conductor.

Insulation, high temperature resistance and heat insulation are the characteristics of mica. There are two functions of mica tape in refractory cable.

One is to protect the inside of the cable from external high temperature for a certain period of time.

The second is to make the cable still rely on mica tape to have a certain insulating performance under the condition of high temperature and all other insulating and protective materials are damaged (the premise is that it cannot be touched, because the insulating structure may be composed of ash at this time).



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