su/fire resistant filler

A fire-resistant filler is typically used in cables to prevent the spread of fire. The filler material is typically made of a mineral compound or a synthetic polymer material that has been designed to be fire retardant.

The filler material is placed within the cable to fill any spaces between the insulated wires and the outer jacket. In the event of a fire, the filler material expands and forms a barrier that helps to contain the fire within the cable, preventing it from spreading to other areas.

Common materials used for fire-resistant cable fillers include mineral wool, mica tape, and ceramic fiber. These materials are able to withstand high temperatures and are non-combustible, making them ideal for use in applications where fire resistance is a critical requirement.

It’s important to note that the use of fire-resistant fillers alone does not make a cable completely fireproof. Other components of the cable, such as the insulation and outer jacket, also need to be designed to provide fire resistance to ensure that the cable meets the required fire safety standards.