fast delivery single sided synthetic mica tape high flame retardant non halogen and low smoke fire retardant tape one world 3 product

Single-sided synthetic mica tape is a type of insulation tape that is made by applying a layer of synthetic mica to one side of a base material such as polyester film or glass cloth. It is designed to provide electrical insulation and fire resistance in high-temperature applications.

The high flame retardancy, non-halogen and low smoke properties of this tape are important in applications where fire safety is a concern. The use of synthetic mica, rather than natural mica, can provide better performance in terms of electrical insulation and heat resistance. Synthetic mica has a more uniform structure and better electrical properties compared to natural mica.

Overall, the single-sided synthetic mica tape is a reliable and high-performance material for use in cable and wire applications where fire safety and electrical insulation are critical.