Brief Introduction of GFRP Application

The traditional optical cables adopt metal reinforced elements. As non-mental reinforced elements, GFRP are more and more applied into all kinds of optical cables for their advantages of light weight, high strength, erosion resistance, long life usage period.

GFRP overcomes the defects which exist in traditional metal reinforced elements and has the characteristics of anti-erosion, anti-lightning strike, anti-electromagnetic field interference, high tensile strength, light weight, environment friendly, energy saving, etc.

GFRP can be used in indoor optical cables, outdoor optical cables, ADSS electric power communication cables, FTTH optical cables,etc.

The characteristics of Owcable GFRP

  • High tensile strength, high modulus, low thermal conductivity, low extension, low expansion, adapt to a wide temperature range;
  • As non-mental material, GFRP is insensitive to lightning strike and is adapted to frequent lightning rainy areas.
  • Anti-chemical erosion,GFRP will not engender gas which caused by the chemical reaction with gel to obstruct the optical fiber transmission index.
  • GFRP has the characteristics of high tensile strength, light weight, excellent insulation.
  • The optical cable with GFRP reinforced core can be installed next to the power line and power supply unit, and will not be disturbed by the induced current generated by the power line or power supply unit.
  • It has smooth surface, stable size, and is easy to be processed and installed.

Storage requirements and precautions

  • Do not leave the cable drum in a flat position and do not stack it high.
  • It shall not be rolled for a long distance
  • Keep the product from crushing, squeezing and any other mechanical damage.
  • Prevent the products from moisture, long time sun-scorched and rain-drenched.