Samples of Polyester Tape and Copper Foil Polyester Tape were Delivered to Mexico

We are pleased to share that the customer from Mexico has received the samples of polyester tape and copper foil polyester tape that we provided on 20th, October. The customer feedback that samples are all in good condition and for now they are running the raw materials evaluation by testing the performance. We have confidence in our samples which will surely pass the test and next we will start long-term materials supply to the customer always with high quality and good price. By using our materials, the customer will produce the cables and wires with higher quality, more excellent performance and lower cost.
Our samples were provided to the customer based on the good price offer, technical communication and sincere willingness to cooperate with each other.
The double-sided copper foil polyester tape we provide has the characteristics of smooth, flat, uniform surface, no impurities, no wrinkles, no spots, high tensile strength, good shielding performance, good water resistance, and high dielectric strength. It is composed of a polyester film in the middle and a layer of copper foil on both side. The double-layer copper plays the role of reflection and absorption of two signals, and has a better shielding effect.
The polyester tape we provide has characteristics of smooth surface, no wrinkles, no tears, no bubbles, no pinholes, uniform thickness, high mechanical strength, strong insulation, puncture resistance, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, and smooth wrapping without slipping, it is an ideal tape material for cables / optical fiber cables. We can also provide natural color (transparent) or other colors of polyester tapes according to customers’ requirements.
Here are some photos of the samples that we delivered:

polyester tape
polyester tape and copper foil polyester tape

One World has plenty of experience in manufacturing and importing various cable materials, in addition,we have our own technical team, all these advantages make us provide with customer the best materials and best service always, our goal is to help more than 1000 factories to improve their cable quality and promote their cables popular in their market.

Written by Fargo Wang



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