Delivery of Water Blocking Yarn & Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape

ONE WORLD is glad to share you that We successfully issued 4*40HQ Water Blocking Yarn and Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape in early May to our Azerbaijan customer.

Water Blocking Yarn
Water Blocking Yarn1

Delivery of Water Blocking Yarn & Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape

As we all know, due to the repeated epidemics around the world, the water-blocking yarn and semiconductor water-blocking tape that we have produced at the end of March cannot be shipped in time.
We are very concerned about this. On the one hand, we are worried that if the customer cannot receive the goods in time, the production will be delayed, which will cause economic losses to the customer. On the other hand, since the average daily output of ONE WORLD factory is very large, if the goods are piled up for a long time, it will quickly lead to insufficient storage space.
The toughest problem right now is transportation. On the one hand, in response to the suspension of Shanghai port, we negotiated with the customer to change the port of departure to Ningbo. On the other hand, the intermittent outbreak of the epidemic in the city where our factory is located makes it difficult for us to find logistics to deliver the goods to the Ningbo Port warehouse in time. In order to deliver the goods in time without delaying the customer’s production, and to release the warehouse, we spend the logistics cost is about four times our usual.
During this process, we have always maintained real-time contact with our customers. In the event of any accident, we will confirm the alternative plan with the customer. Through the orderly cooperation between the two parties, we finally successfully completed the delivery. To this end, we are very grateful to our customers for their trust and assistance.
Actually, in response to the possible impact of the epidemic, we have formulated solutions in terms of factory production, order feedback, and logistics tracking, etc.

Water Blocking Yarn2
Water Blocking Yarn3

1. Pay attention to upstream and downstream
ONE WORLD will communicate with our materials suppliers at any time to confirm their performance time, capacity and production plan and delivery arrangement, etc., and take measures such as increasing the stocking volume and changing raw material suppliers if necessary to reduce the adverse impact caused by suppliers.
2. Safe production
ONE WORLD factory takes strict anti-epidemic protection measures every day. Staff need to wear protective equipment such as masks and goggles, register outsiders, and disinfect the factory every day to ensure safe production.
3. Check the order
If part or all of the obligations of the contract cannot be fulfilled due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, we will actively send a written notice to the customer to terminate or postpone the performance of the contract, so that the customer can know the order situation as soon as possible, and cooperate with the customer to complete the continuation or interruption of the order.
4. Prepare alternative plan
We pay close attention to the operation of ports, airports and other important delivery locations. In case of temporary closure due to the epidemic, ONE WORLD has innovated the supply system and will promptly change the logistics method, ports, and reasonable planning to avoid losses to the purchaser to the greatest extent. .
During the COVID-19, the timely and high quality services of ONE WORLD have been well received by overseas customers. ONE WORLD thinks about what customers think and is anxious for their needs, and solves problems for customers. If you have any needs, please unswervingly choose ONE WORLD. ONE WORLD is your always trusted partner.



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Вы можете запросить бесплатный образец интересующего вас продукта, что означает, что вы готовы использовать наш продукт для производства
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Инструкции по применению
1 . Клиент имеет счет международной экспресс-доставки или добровольно оплачивает фрахт (фрахт может быть возвращен в заказе)
2 . Одно и то же учреждение может подать заявку только на один бесплатный образец одного и того же продукта, и одно и то же учреждение может бесплатно подать заявку на получение до пяти образцов различных продуктов в течение одного года.
3 . Образец предназначен только для клиентов завода по производству проводов и кабелей и только для лабораторного персонала для производственных испытаний или исследований.




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