Доставить оцинкованную стальную проволоку для плетельной машины в Алжир

The order of 0.3mm galvanized steel wire has been delivered to our customer after a long time discussion and technical confirmation.
The galvanized steel wire is requested to be used for braiding. So the surface should be very smooth and the mechanical performance should be strong enough.
For the process, the single wires will be merged into 6 * 0.3mm parallel wires by the rewinding machine. Then the wires in parallel will be used for armoring by the braiding machine. For us, this is a galvanized steel wire product that is different from conventional use. However, we have confidence and technical support, and will modify the production process to meet the needs of customers.
Finally, the fixed technical information are as below:

Galvanized Steel Wire
Diameter/(mm)       0.30