600kg Copper Wire were Delivered to Panama

We are glad to share that we have delivered 600kg copper wire to our new customer from Panama.

We receive copper wire enquire from the customer and serve them actively. The customer said that our price was very suitable, and the Technical Data Sheet of the product seemed to meet their requirements. Then, they asked us to send some samples of copper wire for final testing. In this way, we carefully arranged samples of brass wires for customers. After several months of patient waiting, we finally received good news that the samples passed the test! After that, the customer placed an order immediately.

We have a complete service process, and we carry out logistics coordination, container coordination, etc., at the same time. Finally, it took a week for the goods to be produced and delivered smoothly. Now the customer has received the copper wire, and the production of the cable is in progress. They feedback that the quality of the finished products is very good and meets their production needs, and they hope to continue purchasing in the future.

Copper wire as we provided has high electrical conductivity, mechanical strength. Conforms to ASTM B3 standard. The surface is smooth and clean, without defects. It has excellent mechanical and electrical properties which is suitable for conductor.

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