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ONE WORLD CABLE MATERIALS CO., LTD, which was established in 2009. After more than 20 years of industrial precipitation, the production technology has advanced rapidly, and the processed cable raw materials have been sold to various countries, which has been recognized by everyone.In order to ensure the quality of our products, our company has established three factories, covering an area of up to 1000 mu. We mainly produce water blocking tape, mica tape, polyester tape, plastic coated aluminum tape/copper tape, polyester adhesive tape, GFRP, etc. We are committed to a brighter and better world, connected and developed.

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Now let’s lead you to know some products of our company. The details are as follows: semi-conductive water blocking tape, which is a modern high-tech water blocking material with semi conductive water absorption and expansion function. It is composed of semi conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric and high-speed expansion water absorption resin. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. It can also be well protected from damage in the scorching sun. The semi conductive water tape has the functions of absorbing water and expanding, improving the distribution of electric field in the cable, and is widely used in power cables of various voltage levels. Our company produces one-sided semi conductive water hoses and double-sided semi conductive water hoses, which can be selected according to your needs. The single-sided semi conductive resistance water tape is composed of a single-layer semi conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric and a high-speed expansion water absorbing resin; The double-sided semi conductive resistance water tape is composed of semi conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric, high-speed expansion water absorbing resin and semi conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric in turn. It is emphasized here that the one-sided semi conductive water hose has better water resistance performance because it is not obstructed by the base cloth. If you use the semi conductive water hose in a humid environment, it is recommended to use the one-sided semi conductive water hose to better block water flow and increase safety. The semi conductive water tape produced by our company has many advantages, such as very flat surface without wrinkles. From the appearance, it is very beautiful, which increases the appreciation value. It looks very different from ordinary products in quality. The fiber distribution is also very uniform, and the waterproof powder and the baseband are firmly bonded without delamination and powder removal. High mechanical strength, easy winding and longitudinal winding processing. In the process of use, winding objects is very convenient, without knotting and other bad situations, which reflects our concept of facilitating every user, bringing every consumer a good experience from the details, achieving high quality, good service attitude, taking the high-end service mode, and trying to manage the products of the store well.

Copper tape is an important raw material for cable products. It has high conductivity and is easy to cut during daily processing. It is generally used for winding, longitudinal winding, argon arc welding and embossing. It can be used as the metal shielding layer of medium and low voltage power cables, passing through capacitive current during normal operation, serving as the channel of short circuit current when the system is short circuited, and also shielding the electric field; It can be used as the shielding layer of control cables, communication cables, etc. to resist electromagnetic interference and prevent electromagnetic signal leakage; It can also be used as the outer conductor of a coaxial cable, as a channel for current transmission, and to shield electromagnetic fields. Compared with aluminum tape, copper tape has higher conductivity and shielding. The copper strip is applicable to the metal shielding layer and outer conductor of medium and low voltage power cables, control cables, communication cables and coaxial cables. The shielding effect of cable copper tape is very significant, which can avoid the interference of high-voltage alternating current on external facilities and signals, strengthen the mechanical performance of the cable, and enable the cable to withstand external mechanical pressure. Shielded cables are shielded with copper tape or braided copper wire to isolate electromagnetic interference.

The cable products produced by our company will only come out after careful inspection. After every quality inspection, the aluminum foil tape and insulating paper produced by our company have been recognized by many customers. If you need to buy cable materials, you are welcome to visit our company and purchase them. Professional people will lead you to understand and give you the most preferential treatment.



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