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Water Blocking Yarn & Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape

Water Blocking Yarn & Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape

Water Blocking Yarn & Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape

Post time: 01-26-2022

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ONE WORLD is glad to share with you that we got the Water Blocking Yarn 9000D and Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape thickness 0.30mm order from our Azerbaijan customer for the production of Optical Fiber Cable and Power Cable.

Water Blocking Yarn. Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape.

(Water Blocking Yarn)                                                                                                       (Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape)

The total quantity is about 35tons, including 11tons of Water Blocking Yarn 9000D and 24 tons of Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape thickness 0.30mm.



The estimated delivery time is before 20th February,2022. This is one of our new customer in Azerbaijan, and it is the third time they purchased Water Blocking Yarn and Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape from us. For the first time,They placed a trail order to testing the quality, and there has no doubt that the result comes excellent.

And then they planed to order second order which has been shipped out on 22th February,2022. Because the cooperation between us is very smooth, and they said our technical inspection report and process is extremely formal and up to standard. Then, before receiving the products of second order, they placed a third order from us. Here we share you the shipping pictures as below:

shipping picture. shipping picture1.

                                                                                                       (shipping pictures)

Here are some details about Water Blocking Yarn:
1) The thickness of the water-blocking yarn is uniform, the water-absorbing resin on the yarn is uniform and does not fall off, and the layers are not bonded;
2) It is wound by a special winding machine, and the rolled water-blocking yarn is uniform, tight and not loose;
3) It has high water absorption, high tensile strength, heat resistance, no acid and alkali, no corrosion;
4) With good swelling rate and swelling rate, the water-blocking yarn can reach a certain swelling ratio in a short period of time;
5) Good compatibility with cables and optical fiber cables.
Here are some details about Semi-conductive Water Blocking Tape:
1) The surface is flat, without wrinkles, notches, flashes and other defects;
2) The fiber is evenly distributed, the water blocking powder and the base tape are firmly bonded, without delamination and powder removal;
3) High mechanical strength, easy for wrapping and longitudinal wrapping processing;
4) Strong hygroscopicity, large expansion rate, fast expansion rate, and good gel stability;
5) Good heat resistance, high instant temperature resistance, and the cable can maintain stable performance at instant high temperatures;
6) High chemical stability, no corrosive components, resistant to bacteria and mold erosion.
We are very grateful for the trust and support of our customer. And if you wanna these materials, please just leave messages here.