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The Shipment of Aluminum Plastic Tape for Cable to Algeria

The Shipment of Aluminum Plastic Tape for Cable to Algeria

The Shipment of Aluminum Plastic Tape for Cable to Algeria

Post time: 06-11-2021

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The order of ALU-PET TAPE is from our old customers in Algeria, this customer placed a trial order at the first time. After the production test, we have built a long-time cooperation on the supplying of Al-PET tape.
The Al-PET (Aluminum Plastic tape) is made of calendaring aluminum tape with good ductility as the base material, and laminated with single-sided composite PET film. It can be used without corrugating, or through corrugating to improve bending performance, so as to improve the flexibility of cables / optical cables. The Aluminum Plastic tape we provided have the characteristics of smooth, flat, uniform, no impurities, no wrinkles, no spots, high tensile strength, good water resistance, and high dielectric strength, etc.
The Aluminum Plastic tape has three colors, natural, blue and copper color. We cannot only provide the Pan types, but also Spool type Al-PET tape for long length which is produced by a Germany machine to ensure the Spool quality.
It is mainly used in communication cables, outdoor communication optical cables, forming a composite sheath with outer sheath, which plays the role of moisture-proof, shielding or screen.

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