Fiber Optic Orders from Moroccan Customers

Fiber Optic Orders from Moroccan Customers

We have just delivered a full container of fiber optic to our customer which is one of the biggest cable company in Morocco. We bought the bare G652D and G657A2 fiber from YOFC which is the best fiber manufacturer in China, also famous in the world, then we colored it into twelve different colors(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, White, Orange, Brown, Grey, Black, Pink, Aqua) and make sure there’s no joint in every plate of 50.4km. The production quality of fiber coloring process has a dire...
  • What is Aluminum Tape Used for?

    Abstract Aluminium tape is made of aluminum ingots, which has different grades, specifications and states according to its use. Aluminum tape has the characteristics of smooth surface, tidy circle, no edge curling, cracks, peeling, burrs, etc. It can be used as the armor layer and metal sheath of power cables, which play the role of waterproof, carrying short-circuit current and resisting pressure. It also can be used for wrapping or longitudinal wrapping communicati...
  • One World Introduces Glass Backed Synthetic Mica Tape

    One World, not only a global material specialist, but a cable material expert, today announced that we have glass backed synthetic mica tape which is used for wrapping fire-retardant wires and cables.  (Glass Backed Synthetic Mica Tape)  Composition of Glass Backed Synthetic Mica Tape Glass backed synthetic mica tape is consist of the most heat resistant Synthetic mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth or film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected hig...
  • Better Water Blocking Tape Achieves Better Cable

    Water blocking tape, as a combination of tape, yarn, or coating, prevents longitudinal penetration of water into the cable core. One World supplies single-side water blocking tape and double-sided water blocking tape to create better cables.  The main principle of water blocking tape is to use a kind of polymer that can absorb water and quickly form gel to fill the seepage channel through the expansion of hydro-gel.  (Water Blocking Tape) Application It is used for water blocking between s...
  • One World Expands PP Cable Filling Rope Solution

    PP cable filling rope, as the regular material used in filling all kinds of cables. One World, a cable material expert, today announced that we expand PP cable filling rope solution.  An ideal solution for maintaining the enough circularity of cables, our PP cable filling rope ensures the good cable filling effect. Available from 12000D to 90000D linear density, greater than 10% breaking elongation and 3% hot shrinkage rate, our PP cable filler rope adopts 100% pure PP raw material to present...