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New Order of Polyester Fiber Glass Tape from Ecuador

New Order of Polyester Fiber Glass Tape from Ecuador

New Order of Polyester Fiber Glass Tape from Ecuador

Post time: 02-18-2022

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In January, we received the new order of polyester fiber glass tape from Ecuador, which we have supplied 5 times per year and the annual purchase quantity is about 80 tons per year to this customer. By the virtue of our high quality and excellent service, the customer is very satisfied.

1 polyester fiber glass tape

2 polyester fiber glass tape

3 polyester fiber glass tape

(polyester fiber glass tape)

During the past 9 years, we developed more and more materials business with the customer and almost all of their raw materials and auxiliary materials are supplied by OW Cable. We very appreciate the belief of the customer and we will always do our best to support the customer.

Our excellent service is not only reflected in the fast quote and communication but also professional technical support and the timely delivery. If the customer want to develop a new material for their cable, we will carefully check the technical requirements, then we customize the sample to comply to their requirements.

packing picture of polyester fiber glass tape

shipping picture of polyester fiber glass tape

(packing and shipping pictures of polyester fiber glass tape )

During the second half year of 2021, the China sea shipment was very busy. The vessels quantity was less than before, the shipping cost was expensive and the shipping space is very difficult to get. But the customer need the materials urgently, we tried our best to help the customer get the shipping space with proper shipping cost.

We also provide faster production lead time than other supplier. Because we have three factories to meet customers’ order even if the customer place an order urgently and require a short delivery time. We have the enough production line and raw materials source, so we have the ability to deal with urgent order.

The most important is that we supply the products always with the best quality in China. Meanwhile our competitive price always help the customer to save their production cost and win their program.

Cooperating with us, you will save time, money, energy and get your company more competitive.