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G652D Optical Fiber Order

G652D Optical Fiber Order

G652D Optical Fiber Order

Post time: 11-17-2021

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ONE WORLD is glad to share with you that we got the optical fiber order from our Algeria customer for the production of Optical Fiber Cable.

fiber opti wiresgreen fiber opti wires

(G652D optical fibers)

This cargo includes 11 different colors covered on optical fiber (In total: 20260.8kms) and will be finished in the middle of November. This Algeria customer is an old customer and we have cooperated together many times, and give us big trust on us, we received the order not only about our good price, also our high quality, professional technical support and best service.

Actually, at the beginning of this order, our customer wanna to have low price. But the actual situation is that at that time, optical fiber price is very strain, because the price for the optical fiber increase every day, till now the fibers price still increase and so we are warning the customer to place the order as fast as possible so that they can save money and cost. Finally, after long discussion, our customer place the order when the price of the fibers increase 1 USD per km.

Yes, we wanna save cost from projects and wanna earn money as more as possible. But we are not shady business. In order to have long term business with all customers, we always provide the best price and best quality to our customer, because we are very professional at cable  materials area, keen market prediction and thousands times of cooperation.

Many of our customer will ask us why we can get better price and better delivery time?

Not because that we are in China and have rich experience in wire and cable industry.
It is because we have invested in the cable materials with 3 factories: Focused on tapes, copolymer coated tapes, optical fiber cable materials. That why we can get fast products for our customer.

Helping more factories to produce cables with lower cost or better quality and making them to be more competitive in the whole market is our vision.