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4 tons Al-Mg Alloy Wires were Delivered to Iran

4 tons Al-Mg Alloy Wires were Delivered to Iran

4 tons Al-Mg Alloy Wires were Delivered to Iran

Post time: 11-15-2021

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We are glad to share that we delivered 4 tons Al-Mg alloy wires to our Customer in Iran on 10, November. We have supplied this materials to this customer three times, the customer is very satisfied with the quality and the service and promised that they will do long term business with us and new order will be placed soon.
Al-Mg alloy wire is one of the typical wire coating materials. The addition of manganese to aluminium increases strength somewhat through solution strengthening and improves strain hardening while not appreciably reducing ductility or corrosion resistance. The major composition of Al-Mg alloy wire is aluminium. A small amount of magnesium is added to enhance the strength. With excellent anti-corrosion property, lightweight, low density, good heat radiation, and strong resistance to pressure, it can meet 3C products' requirements, which demand high integration, miniaturization, electromagnetic shielding, etc. Its hardness is several times bigger than glass wire, but the weight is only 1/3. Now it is widely used in the waterproof and shielding layer of cable or outer conductor of AN.
The main specifications of the Al-mg Alloy Wires we provided is as below:
1) Aluminum grade: 5052, 5154, etc.
2) Diameter: 0.10mm - 5.25mm
3) Tensile strength: 170MPa - 345MPa
4) Electrical resistance: ≤0.054 Ω
5) Elongation at break: ≥6%
6) Surface treatment: oxidized
6) Surface treatment: oxidized
7) Storage and transportation, it shall be stored in dry and clean warehouse, get rid of heat source exceed 37℃.
Here is the pictures of testing and shipment as below:

Al-Mg alloy wires (2)
Al-Mg alloy wires (1)
Al-Mg alloy wires (3)

Testing Al-Mg alloy wires

Packing the Al-Mg alloy wires (1)
Packing the Al-Mg alloy wires (2)

Ship the Al-Mg alloy Wires

If you are looking for the the high quality Al-Mg alloy wires with good price, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are a supplier worthy of being chosen. We not only supply good products but also excellent service.

Written by Fargo Wang