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20 Tons of Chlorinated Paraffin 52 Delivered to Ecuador

20 Tons of Chlorinated Paraffin 52 Delivered to Ecuador

20 Tons of Chlorinated Paraffin 52 Delivered to Ecuador

Post time: 09-10-2021

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We are pleased to share with you that we just delivered 20 tons (20ft container) of chlorinated paraffin 52 to our customer in Ecuador. As you all know that the plastic materials is the most widely used in wire and cable field all the time. With the development of wire and cable industry, more and more customers are paying more attention to the chlorinated paraffin because of its characteristics: The plasticizers for PVC cable materials with excellent Volatility, electrical properties.

Chlorinated paraffin 52 is used as the secondary plasticizer in polymer compositions, the chlorinated paraffin 52 which have the advantages of low volatility, flame retardancy, good electrical insulation, and low price. They can be used as flame retardants and PVC auxiliary plasticizers. It is widely used in the production of wire & cable materials and other products.

Also, the quality of our chlorinated paraffin 52 is from one of the best in China, full automated production bring the high and stable quality, this is used by many cable manufacturers from China and other countries.

Please find the products pictures and shipment pictures as below for your reference:

Chlorinated Paraffin 52

(Chlorinated Paraffin 52)

And here is the technical data:


Colorless like water

Viscosity (50C), mpa.s


Color Hazen


Water content %


The chlorine content %



Thermal  decompositions 


The density of (50), g/cm3




1250kg/IBC tank

Heating loss(130c.2h). %




Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place.