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2 Tons of Aramid Yarn were shipped to Vietnam

2 Tons of Aramid Yarn were shipped to Vietnam

2 Tons of Aramid Yarn were shipped to Vietnam

Post time: 07-16-2021

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We are pleased to share that we just delivered 2 tons of Aramid Yarn to our customer from Vietnam. Aramid Yarn is mainly used as non-metallic reinforcement for ADSS optical cables, non-metallic outdoor optical cables and indoor optical cables.

Packaging the Armaid Yarn

(Packaging the Armaid Yarn)

This customer is a new customer to us. After carefully comparing the technical parameters and prices, and testing the free samples we provided, we finally reached a cooperation. I believe that our future cooperation will be unimpeded.
There are two forms of application of aramid yarn in communication optical cables: One is directly used as a load-bearing unit by the unique physical and chemical properties and ultra-high strength characteristics of aramid yarn; Another one is to deep-process the aramid yarn and combine the aramid yarn with the resin to make it to be a aramid reinforced plastic rod (KFRP), which is used in optical cable to improve its application performance.
We can provide domestic China high-strength fiber (Domestic China aramid yarn) with high temperature resistance, low shrinkage and high tensile strength. The color is almost the same as that of aramid yarn. It can effectively replace aramid yarn (kevlar) in optical cables application. It is not only has excellent physical and chemical properties, but also reduces production costs for customers.
The domestic Aramid Yarn we provide has the following characteristics:
1) Light specific gravity,high modulus;
2) Low elongation,high breaking strength;
3) High temperature resistance,flame resistance,insoluble,non-combustible;
4) Permanent antistatic.
Here are some pictures of shipping:

Aramid Yarn Shipping Pictures (1) Aramid Yarn Shipping Pictures (2)

(Aramid Yarn Shipping Pictures)

We are professional, enthusiastic, the important is that the we supply the Aramid Yarn with high quality and good price,At last but not least, Our production capacity is also large enough.
So if you are looking for the Aramid Yarn, please feel free to contact us!