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1. Product Introduction

The calcined mica tape with single-sided fiber cloth is made of high-quality calcined mica paper as the base, and is reinforced with single-sided glass fiber cloth, bonded with high-temperature resistant silicone resin, baked, dried, and wound at high temperature, and then slit refractory tape-shaped material. The calcined mica tape with single-sided fiber cloth we provide has the following characteristics: 1) Through high-temperature treatment of high-temperature muscovite, the crystal water and all non-mica impurities that damage the withstand voltage and temperature characteristics are removed. Compared with other types of mica tape, the temperature resistance and insulation of mica are greatly improved and stabilized performance; 2) The bonding between the fiber cloth and the mica paper is even, the mica tape has a smooth surface, with no impurities, no bubbles, no breaks, no wrinkles; 3) It has excellent insulation at high temperatures, strong fire resistance, and can meet the requirements of Class A fire resistance. It can ensure that the cable does not breakdown within 90 minutes in a flame at a temperature of (950~1000) ℃ and a power frequency voltage of 1kV; 4) It has good acid and alkali resistance, corona resistance, radiation resistance; 5) It has good environmental performance, the product composition doesn’t contain fluorine and asbestos, and has low smoke density during combustion; 6) The finished product is dry and non-adhesive; 7) Compared with other mica tapes, it has better flexibility, especially suitable for high-speed wrapping of small diameter fire-resistant wire and cable conductors. The wrapping is tight, the surface of the insulated core is smooth and without delamination after wrapping. The calcined mica tape with single-sided fiber cloth we provide can effectively protect the normal operation of cable under the condition of high temperature and fire. It is the most ideal material for manufacturing refractory cables.

2. Application

It is mainly used in Class A or Class B fire-resistant cables to play a role of fire-resistant and insulation, which is especially suitable for special cables and fire-resistant cables for ships that have dual requirements for fire resistance and environmental protection.

3. Technical Parameters

NominalThickness (mm)Mica content(%)Tensile strength (N/10mm)Volume resistance(Ω·m)Insulation resistance(Ω)Fire grades(℃)
Note: The width and length of calcined mica tape with single-sided fiber cloth can be provided according to customers’  requirements.

4. Storage Method

1) It should be stored in a clean, hygienic, ventilated and dry warehouse; 2) It should be kept away from fire and direct sunlight; 3) Each reel/axis of mica tape products should be wrapped in plastic film and placed in a carton to avoid moisture; 4) It should be protected from heavy pressure, beating and other mechanical damage during storage and transportation.



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