Introduction of Water Blocking Mechanism, Characteristics and Advantages of Water Blocking

Are you also curious that the yarn of the water-blocking yarn can block water? It does.

Water blocking yarn is a kind of yarn with strong absorption capacity, which can be used in various processing levels of optical cables and cables to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the cable. The emergence of the water-blocking method of the water blocking yarn overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional water-blocking measure of the optical cable—the ointment for blocking the water. So, how does the water blocking yarn block water?

The water blocking yarn is mainly composed of two parts. One is the reinforcing rib composed of nylon or polyester as the base material, which can make the yarn have good tensile strength and elongation. The second is the expanded fiber or expanded powder containing polyacrylate.

The water blocking mechanism of the water blocking yarn is to use the main body of the water blocking yarn to expand rapidly when it encounters water to form a large volume of gel. The water-retaining capacity of the jelly is quite strong, which can effectively prevent the growth of water trees, thereby preventing the continuous infiltration and diffusion of water, thereby achieving the purpose of blocking water.

Cables and fiber optic cables are generally laid underground in wet areas. Once damaged, water will enter the cable from the damaged point. For fiber optic cables, if water freezes inside the fiber optic cables, it can put excessive pressure on the optical components, which can have a dramatic effect on the transmission of light.

Therefore, the water blocking performance of the optical cable is an important assessment index. In order to ensure the water-blocking performance, materials with water-blocking function are introduced in each process of optical cable manufacturing. One of the commonly used materials is water blocking yarn.

However, traditional water blocking yarns have many problems during use, such as moisture absorption, powder removal, and difficulty in storage. These problems not only increase the cost of use, but also limit the promotion and use of water blocking yarns in optical cables.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the optical cable can work normally and withstand the test of various environmental conditions, the use of water blocking yarn in the optical cable must have the following characteristics.

1. The appearance is smooth, the thickness is well-proportioned, and the texture is soft.

2. It can meet the tension requirements during cable formation and has a certain mechanical strength.

3. The expansion speed is fast, the chemical stability of the gel formed by water absorption is good, and the strength is high.

4. Does not contain any corrosive ingredients, has good chemical stability, and is resistant to bacteria and mold.

5. Good thermal stability and good weather resistance, suitable for various subsequent processing and various use environments.

6. Good compatibility with other materials in the optical cable.

Finally, the application of water blocking yarn in optical cable realizes the dry water blocking of optical cable, which has many advantages compared with the past water blocking with ointment, such as weight reduction of optical cable, convenient in optical cable connection,  construction and maintenance, etc. It not only reduces the water blocking cost of the optical cable, but also truly realizes the environmental protection production of the optical cable.



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